Cal-Lawn has over 20 varieties and blends of sod including:
  • Renegade Sod
  • Baby Bermuda Sod
  • 419 Tifway Sod
  • 90-10 Sod
  • Blue/Rye Sod
  • Ryegrass 100% Sod
  • Special Blend Sod
  • Bent Grass Sod
  • Bluegrass Sod

Preparation & Installation Of Your Sod
If a lawn is used for play as well as aesthetics, avoid planting trees and shrubbery in the center. Mowing, watering, and maintenance is easier in an open lawn. Choose trees that will not be damaged by irrigation or cause surface roots. Lawn grasses will not provide a thick lush lawn in medium to dense shade.

In preparing the area to be sodded follow the following instruction:
1) Spray to kill bermudas & other invasive weeds.  
2) A sod cutter can be used to remove all growth, brown or green.  
3) 2" to 3" of rot o-till amendments into soil  
4) Rake and roll area to settle soil. Allow 1" for sodding  
5) Lay out sod by staggering the rolls.  
6) Lightly water & roll sod for soil to soil contact  
7) One deep water then short fervent watering for 14 days  
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