Welcome to Cal-Lawn Sod
For over 35 years Cal-Lawn Sod has been distributing sod and providing sod to homeowners throughout Northern California. In addition we also service little league fields, schools, golf courses, landscape contractors, commercial projects, and prisons such as San Quentin.
We carry over 20 varieties and blends of sod including:
  • Renegade Sod
  • Baby Bermuda Sod
  • 419 Tifway Sod
  • 90-10 Sod
  • Blue/Rye Sod
  • Ryegrass 100% Sod
  • Special Blend Sod
  • Bent Grass Sod
  • Bluegrass Sod
Why Choose Cal-Lawn Sod?
There is a lot more to sod than green side up and prices. Pictures are nice, but sod should be selected in the order of importance, unless budget takes precedence.
Get The Right Sod For You
While most sod farms offer only one or two varieties to choose from, at Cal-Lawn we offer over 20 varieties and blends of sod to meet your needs.
Keys To A Healthy Lawn
Careful planning & preparation of your yard is one of the other keys to a healthy lawn landscape. Cal-Lawn can help you create the best ground for the sod that your are about to lay down.
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