Cal-Lawn has over 20 varieties and blends of sod including:
  • Renegade Sod
  • Baby Bermuda Sod
  • 419 Tifway Sod
  • 90-10 Sod
  • Blue/Rye Sod
  • Ryegrass 100% Sod
  • Special Blend Sod
  • Bent Grass Sod
  • Bluegrass Sod

Select The Right Sod For You
There is a lot more to sod than green side up and prices. Pictures are nice, but sod should be selected in the order of importance, unless budget takes precedence. Our recommendation of importance is
  1. Application. Sun, shade, children, dogs etc.
  2. Quality. Low, High, or Premium
  3. Appearance. Color and texture desired
  4. Price. Pay now or pay later. More time and maintenance required for lower quality sod.
Many Varieties Of Sod For You To Choose From
We can send you the most beautiful sod in California, but if it will not do the job, why would you buy it? Most sod farms offer only one or two varieties to choose from and of course no one grass will fit all environmental and user applications. We offer over 20 varieties and blends of sod to meet your needs. One type of grass that does well in one location may not be practical for your purpose or location.
The Beauty Of Sod
Grass is as natural as nature itself. Landscaping with our premium peat grown sod is a wise decision. Why? Because healthy turf generates oxygen and removes pollutants like carbon dioxide from the air we breathe. In fact a 25 ft. by 25 ft. area of well maintained lawn provides enough pure oxygen daily to support a family of three. In addition, turf grass controls soil erosions, reduces dust, noise and lowers our land temperatures. Lawns add beauty to our neighborhood and it is one of the most cost effective and environmentally beneficial ways to improve urban development naturally.
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